sweet sixteen party traditions

A Closer Look at Sweet Sixteen Party Traditions

HAS sweet sixteen party It is the perfect time for traditions. Maybe you have some that have been passed down in your family, or maybe you’re looking for new traditions to start. For a bit of history, the term Sweet sixteen it has been in use since at least 1597. Sweet sixteen birthday parties have been held since 1765. That’s a long time for many traditions to develop.

The following is a list of traditions that can be incorporated into any sweet sixteen party ideas you may be planning:

The dance of father and daughter

This tradition is also frequently performed at most weddings. Ask the birthday girl to choose a song that is special to her and her dad; maybe there’s a favorite childhood memory attached and mom could tell that story and introduce them on the dance floor.

shoe ceremony

This is like a Cinderella moment for the birthday girl. She seats the honoree in a chair while her grandfather, uncle, godfather or father approaches her in high heels on a decorative pillow. Traditionally, she should wear flat shoes, and her father ceremoniously helps her into her new high heels. This is a symbolic transition from childhood to adulthood.

Tiara Ceremony

This is similar to the Shoe Ceremony, except the father/grandfather brings a tiara instead of shoes. The tiara is placed on her head to symbolize her transformation into a woman. This tradition can be combined with the Shoe Ceremony with mom bringing high heels on one pillow and dad bringing the tiara on another pillow.

Candle lighting ceremony

Choose 16 candles to place on a table in pretty votive cups. The birthday girl could light her first candle with a large candle that symbolizes her parents or family. The first candle is for the girl’s parents. The second candle is for brothers and sisters. If she is an only child, then this candle can represent her grandparents. Candles 3, 4, 5 and 6 are for the other friends of the family. At any time, the honoree can tell a story about the person they are lighting a candle for or why it is special to them. Candles 7-14 are for special friends. Candle 15 is for her best friend. Candle number 16 is reserved for an important man, such as a boyfriend or a very good friend. A number 17 candle could be added to represent good luck.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started with great sweet sixteen party ideas. Enjoy!

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