The best Facebook apps

Social networks are great places to make friends and promote your services, whether you are an online or offline business. The strength of social networks rests on two pillars:

First, they are completely FREE to join and use. Secondly, its use is based on the most powerful engine of human behavior: EMOTIONS. Members have the opportunity to interact, chat, upload their own things like photos, videos, etc.

Social networks offer many tools called applications to facilitate member interaction and activities. Members can also advertise apps. This short article focuses on one of the largest social networks: Facebook, with an estimated membership of more than 150 million members worldwide.

There are thousands of Facebook applications available. Most of them are used for entertainment. Some of them are of a more practical type. It is really difficult to identify the most useful apps for your profile and your purpose. Fortunately, some people have done most of the work for you. I have also searched through many of the Facebook apps and selected the best ones for you. Add these programs to your profile to improve your Facebook experience and have better traffic with multiple friends. After all, this is your purpose: to get as many friends as possible! You can then refer these friends anything you want: their opinions, recommendations, professional service, and even special business offers or affiliate programs.

Here they are, the apps chosen by me (sorry for the links removed as required here, you’ll have to find them on Facebook):

one.texas hold’em poker

If you enjoy watching the World Series of Poker, then you’ll love this Texas Hold ’em Facebook app. You can create your own private table and play against your friends using play money of course.

2. I like

Turn your Facebook profile into an iTunes hub. You can add music and music videos to share with your friends. If you’re a musician, use iLike to promote your music and build a following.

3. first football

Soccer and football fans will love this app. Create your own squad made up of your Facebook friends, assign field positions and compete against other squads on Facebook.

Four. alcohol mail

Send your friends beer, liquor or any type of drink through Facebook. Best of all, the booze mailer is 100% free, unlike most Facebook giveaways.


HotorNot created a Facebook app for guys to rate women and possibly meet up if they make a connection.

6. friendsfinance

Start your own business together with your friends and earn virtual dollars by selling products and services.

7. Famous quotes

Unleash your intellectual side and reward your friends with educational, thoughtful and life-changing quotes from some of the world’s brightest minds.

8. Simple Stock Quotes

Get live stock quotes and monitor your investment portfolio while you’re on Facebook.

9. Drug wars

Web 2.0 version of the renowned calculator game “Dope Wars”. Buy weapons, cars, drugs and become a kingpin.

10 super slot machines

Are you a game addict? Play the slots and win some virtual credits.

eleveniRead Books

Make a list of your favorite novels and share them with your friends. Plus, look up book reviews and start your own book club.


Post your resume online and find a job to earn some money. There are hundreds of quality employers waiting to hire you.

13 to do list

14 How to make money with Yuwie

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