These Ashok Leyland buses promise comfort on city streets!

Ashok Leyland is a leading car manufacturer in India. It produces a range of cars, including buses, trucks, light vehicles, defense vehicles, and more. It boasts of being the fourth largest bus manufacturer and the 16th largest truck manufacturer globally.

We explore some of the city buses produced by the ace car manufacturer. These have made traveling within the city comfortable for passengers from all over the world.

JANBUS BS3: Powered by a CRS BS3 6-cylinder H-series diesel mill, these nozzles produce 225 HP of power and a maximum torque of 800 Nm. Other notable features include integral power steering, 6-speed automated manual transmission (AMT), air suspension with shock absorber, 295/80 R 22.5 (16PR) tubeless tires and much more.

JANBUS MIDI BS3: Equipped with a BS3 CRS CB-18 4-cylinder engine from the H Series, this bus brings together 130 HP of power and 450 Nm of maximum torque. Important features include parabolic blade with shock absorbers and stabilizer bar suspension, 5-speed manual transmission, full air, dual-line and S-cam brakes, and much more.

ULE CNG BS4: This vehicle comes with a Cummins 6 cylinder CNG BS4 mill and produces 230 HP of power with a maximum torque of 678 Nm. Available in 31 and 35 seater options, it boasts a fully floating, hypoid automatic transmission gearbox. geared rear axle and many other attractive features.

VIKING BS4: This car comes in one and two door options. It is available in 3 variants: City with 45 seats, Moffusil with 57 seats and Staff / School bus with 60/62 seats. It boasts a 6-cylinder intercooled turbocharged BS4 H-Series engine with SCR, a 5-speed synchromesh gearbox, 353mm bore single-plate dry-type clutch, fully floating single-reduction hypoid axle, suspension shackle end blade/rubber end blade, and much more. plus.

CHEETAH BS3 (IL MECH) – This car is available in four variants: a 38-seater City, a 48-seater Moffusil, a 34-seater Intercity and a 50-seater tourist/personal bus. Powered by an H-series 6-cylinder BS3 turbocharged intercooled diesel engine with in-line FIP and mechanical governor, it packs 160PS of power with a maximum torque of 550Nm.

VESTIBULE BUS – BS3: Suitable for mass transit, the Vestibule BS3 comes with a turbocharged 6-cylinder DTI H-series 6-cylinder intercooled diesel mill BS-III. Important specs include 380mm diameter diaphragm-type clutch, full-floating single-speed rear axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs and rubber-tipped suspension, and much more.

The other popular models made by the organization include the Titan Double Decker BS3, Stag BS3, ULE Diesel BS4, FE SLF BS4, Lynx BS3 and many more.

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