Top Five Top-Rated Nightclubs in Orlando

Orlando is home to some of the best nightclubs in America. Hollywood stars, celebrities, politicians, members of high society, and locals can usually be seen gracing some of the best bars and clubs in this city. Here’s a quick rundown of the best nightclubs in Orlando:

Tabu nightclub

Speaking of celebrities, Tabu is frequented by the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Colin Farrell. Formerly known as the Zuma Beach Club, Tabu has an upstairs lounge and a large main floor. Having recently received renovations, the Tabu nightclub is one of the friendliest nightclubs in the city today. Be sure to take your eyes off when visiting for a star-studded night.


Located just a few minutes’ walk from I-4, Pulse has been one of the best gay clubs in Orlando since 2004. Its simplistic facade can fool first-time visitors as the interior hosts popular events such as Gay College Night, Pulsar Saturday and Tuesday Temptation. Guests will also find excellent dance performances with professional dancers.

Firestone Live

Considered the most popular destination for those seeking high-energy dance and trance rhythms, Firestone continues to meet the needs of its clients even late at night. Depending on the night you visit, this venue may host punk and indie rock acts rather than DJs. And if you want to have a good view of the dance floor going up the stairs to the Crystal Chamber, a room located one level higher is the best option you have.

Dragon Room cocktail boutique

Located in Orlando’s entertainment district, this super stylish and luxuriously designed nightclub will definitely not disappoint. Dragon Room is specially designed for youth and students at the University of Central Florida. Vibrant dancing, incredible DJs, and hip hop jams await Dragon Room patrons. This place has a bar that serves great cocktails that customers can enjoy while tearing up the dance floor or sitting in the lounge. Ladies are sure to love Fame Fridays when they can get free drinks before midnight. There are also new drink specials every week on Saturdays. Watch out for celebrities who also grace the dance floor and bar from time to time.


Another stylish place to stay overnight in Orlando is Antigua. Located in downtown Orlando, it is not only accessible, but also a hot spot for all types of people looking for a great time to cool off. The main attractions of this place are the regular drink specials that are served differently each week. With its 500-gallon tropical fish tank and waterfalls in the background as decorations, Antigua is the perfect place to hang out when you’re in Orlando.

Visiting Orlando will never be complete without spending a night at any of these nightclubs. If your time allows, take the time to go to these and get a feel for what it’s like to be in the city of Orlando.

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