Vaginal Itching – Natural and Home Remedies

There are many natural remedies to relieve vaginal itching that you can try at home. Some of the remedies include:

– Yoghurt

– Apple cider vinegar

– Boric acid suppositories

– Epsom salts

– Tea tree oil


Yogurt contains “good bacteria” such as Acidophilus, Bifidus or Lactobacillus cultures. Yogurt is beneficial in replenishing probiotics in the gut when eaten. Yogurt may also be beneficial in replenishing “good” bacteria in the vagina when rubbed into the vagina with clean fingers. The good bacteria in the vagina are benign (do not cause disease) and help control “bad” (potentially disease-causing) bacteria and fungi by competing with them.

Apple cider vinegar

Douching with diluted apple cider vinegar can help decrease vaginal itching because increasing the acidity of the vagina should help remove any bacterial overgrowth that may be causing the itching. Vinegar lowers pH levels and increases the acidity of the vagina, making the environment less hospitable to bacteria. There is one area of ​​confusion with this method of altering the pH and that is that Candida prefers an acidic environment. So if your itching is caused by a yeast infection (which is a fungus), making your vagina more acidic will increase your itchiness. By trying this method, you will soon know!

Boric acid suppositories

In some countries of the world, boric acid suppositories are common and used with great success to treat Candida overgrowth. In fact, in a recently published Indian study, boric acid suppositories outperformed the oral antifungal drug fluconazole in diabetics with recurrent Candida infections. Unfortunately, some participants had to stop treatment before the end of the study because boric acid can cause burning of the mucous membrane lining of the vagina. Another problem with using boric acid suppositories is that in Australia and some other countries, boric acid suppositories are only available on prescription from your doctor. Then you have to find a chemical compound to make up for them (assuming you can find a doctor to prescribe them in the first place). In my experience, most doctors will not consider boric acid suppositories as a Candida remedy because they prefer to prescribe the common antifungal drug treatments.

epsom salts

Douching with a dilute solution of Epsom salts (which are alkaline) can increase the pH of the vagina and make it less hospitable to a yeast infection. Always be careful when using a very dilute solution when douching, as vaginal tissue is very sensitive and can “burn”, become raw and sore if the solution is too strong. One way to test the strength of the douching solution is to pick up a drop of solution on your finger and touch it to the entrance of your vagina. If you feel any discomfort, immediately wash the area with water, as discomfort is a sign that the solution is too strong. You will need to dilute it further and test again before applying it as a douche.

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of nature’s best anti-itch agents. The most common way to apply tea tree essential oil to the vagina is also through douching. Be careful not to use a commercially prepared ‘tea tree solution’ to douche the vagina. These ‘solutions’ contain tea tree oil dissolved in ethanol (alcohol) which is particularly drying and can irritate the vagina. Care should also be taken to dilute the tea tree oil so that it does not burn the delicate lining of the vagina, but is still effective (about 0.5 – 2% tea tree is effective and generally non-irritating).

You can also apply tea tree oil to a tampon and insert it, but again you have to be careful about the quality of tea tree oil you use and dilute it properly (0.5 – 2%) before applying it to the tampon. so you don’t irritate your vaginal lining. Always change tampons after 4 hours of insertion to avoid “toxic shock syndrome”.

A simple and effective remedy based on the tea tree

There is a product already prepared in a soothing cream with the right amount of tea tree oil. “LadySoothe” can be smeared where it is needed, both inside and outside the vagina. LadySoothe is a 99% natural cream formulated by women for women. It has tea tree oil as the main active ingredient and is in a soothing base of coconut oil. LadySoothe was developed as a convenient and easy to apply natural remedy for vaginal itching. LadySoothe can be applied by smearing with clean fingers both internally and externally or by smearing a tampon and inserting it into the vagina.

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