What really matters when measuring email marketing results

It is important to pay attention to the numbers in your email marketing. But there are some things that are more important than others. Your email marketing will perform better every time you troubleshoot any issues discovered through the types of data listed below.

Open range

Not only do you need to know your open rate, but you also need to know some details about your open rate. For example, what date and time are they most open? What topics are more open? This information can help you move forward if you pay attention to it.


Do people respond to your email? What do they say? You should definitely use an email where your list members can just hit reply. This will leave you open to getting your audience’s opinion on the spot, and you are more likely to hear from them this way.

Click for ratings

How many people open the email and then click on your offers or calls to action? This is important because if you have a high open rate compared to a low click-through rate, or a high click-through rate and low conversions, you can analyze this information to find out why.


How many conversions do you get on average for all your offers? How many conversions did you get on a specific offer? What’s the difference between emails that convert and those that don’t? All this information can help you improve.

Bounce Rate

It is very important to pay attention to this because if you have a high bounce rate, your email autoresponder solution may punish you by closing your account. This is a good way to make sure you have good hygiene from the list.

Complaint rate

Most people do not realize that they can refer to their complaints and their analysis reports so that their autoresponder will find out if they have been reported. In addition, you can also search your email. If you receive a large number of complaints about something, it is important that you pay attention. Complaints are difficult to analyze, but it can help you improve. You can’t please everyone all the time, but you can improve to get closer.

Spam percentage

Before sending an email, your automatic reply will alert you to its spam percentage. It uses words, subject lines, and information from the email to determine your spam score. Try to keep this very low so that the spam filters do not activate and send your message to spam.

Email marketing still works and works great. But you have to stick to the basic rules of engagement. Send information with subject lines that are not misleading, don’t spam your audience, and make good offers that solve problems, and you will get better results every time. Use analytics so you can improve.

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