Wheelchair vans and their advantages

Handicap vans or wheelchair vans are vehicles that are modified to accommodate disabled people in wheelchairs. These vans are very adaptable, versatile and useful for transporting people with disabilities. They are specially designed for those who have difficulty moving due to certain disabilities. There are two types of modifications that vans usually undergo. One is where the person in a wheelchair is a driver and second, where the individual is a passenger. In both cases, the interior of these vans is enlarged to facilitate wheelchair access via a motorized lift or ramp.

The vehicle has to undergo two types of modifications so that the wheelchair enters without problems.

1) When the individual is a driver

• Part of the floor is lowered and an external means of access is added, which is normally a ramp, elevator or rotating seat.

• Seats are typically larger than standard vans, so the van’s roof needs to be raised about 10 inches.

• In cases where this option is not possible, the floor of the van is lowered.

• Manual and automated wheelchair lifts are very beneficial. Manual lifts are ideal as they fit in smaller vehicles. Automatic elevators are great for those who have difficulty operating manual elevators.

2) When the person with a disability is a passenger

• The floor of the van is reinforced and seats are added.

• A ramp or hoist is installed.

Due to these modifications, it may take a while for the driver to get used to the van’s controls.

Having a wheelchair van has many benefits. You do not need to manually lift the person into the driver’s or passenger seat, as ramps and lifts make this possible. You don’t have to worry about leaving a loved one behind while going on a family trip or vacation. Wheelchair vans make it easy for disabled people to travel with you. The handicap accessible cars have a seating capacity of around 6 people. Wheelchair buses, on the other hand, have a larger seating capacity and can easily accommodate 15 to 20 people.

If you’re thinking of buying a wheelchair van, there are a few things to consider.

• Check what type of operation the person in the wheelchair would be comfortable with: manual or automatic.

• The entrance to the van can be either from the side or from the rear, so check with the person which option would be more suitable.

• Also measure the height of the person in the wheelchair to make sure they fit comfortably in the van.

• Depending on the size of your family, you will have to choose between a van or a bus.

• You can also choose which accessories you would like for your van. The securing of the wheelchair is the most important, as it is essential for the safety of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair vans are truly a blessing in disguise for disabled people for whom travel is a problem. For them, owning a wheelchair van is like having wings. You can also have a wheelchair van built to your specifications by companies that offer custom built wheelchair vans.

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