Why is it about so much more than this man?

Most people believe that what really makes America great is the constitutional guarantees, the separation of church and state, and the balance of power, which protects our citizens from a tyrant, dictator, traitor, or idiot in the world! village! Some of the allies and/or enablers of this president, especially the Republican senators, who seem to be acting like the 3 mice, see no evil, hear no evil, etc. defending his actions and behaviors, blaming the process (which is almost exactly the same as the one created by the Republican Party, many years ago), making accusations or proclaiming, in Trump’s mind, did nothing wrong, are short-sighted/short-sighted, motivated more by their personal/political agenda, and/or self-interest, than the best interests of our nation, or in – denial, about the ramifications, and prior, that by ignoring these scriptures, they will introduce, as soon as to the limitation of future Presidents, etc. The Constitution creates a specific cure, which is impeachment, and if this Senate refuses to live up to its responsibility and oath to hold a fair trial, it may be lost forever! With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss why this process is about so much more than just Donald Trump, but rather about the nation’s ability to maintain the balance of power, our founding fathers. , imagined.

1. No one above the law: Our nation was founded to ensure that we would never be ruled by a King, or an autocrat/dictator, and the Check of Powers was built into our Constitution. President Trump’s assertion of absolute immunity and extreme power in the hands of the President are at best contrary to these principles and at worst an extremely dangerous precedent, with dire and undesirable ramifications! When we are told, by the individual himself, that he could shoot someone, in front of witnesses, on Fifth Avenue, and get away with it, and behave, energetically, as he believed, this is not normal! Refusing to respond to any subpoena, turn over relevant documents, or cooperate with the House investigation, while making many misleading statements and lying about being mistreated and not being given due process, should be of concern to anyone who truly cares. worry. about the future of this nation, etc!

two. Why would an innocent person refuse to provide documents and witnesses that could exonerate him? Innocent people often don’t withhold information, refuse to have relevant witnesses testify, etc.! What is he hiding?

3. It is not a trial, without witnesses, nor a search for facts: Given that polls indicate that two-thirds of Americans believe witnesses should be called, why don’t the Senate Majority Leader and members of his party allow it? Isn’t it peculiar that no Republican senator is willing to vote, to be a fair jury, listening to relevant facts, witnesses and documents?

Wake up, America, because, if this process continues, as it seems, not only will Donald Trump get away with his behavior and actions, but future presidents will feel that the previous one has been established and that they can do, as they please! Hold them accountable and show it in the voting booth!

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