Why buy Hummer cars?

If you are looking for high mobility and multifunctional vehicles to buy, then Hummer cars are all you have to buy. They recently launched their new models for low profile markets. It is affordable for everyone. It is the product of the leading manufacturer in the automobile industry. They used […]

The Proverbs: On Moral Lessons and Story Summaries

Many stories speak of kindness, love of work, and the dangers of being lazy. In different parts of the world, children grow up learning these stories from their grandparents, relatives, helpers, and of course school and church. The children get very excited every time they hear these stories. From these […]

The Carriage Dog, the Dalmatian

Since the movie about 101 Dalmatians, this spectacular spotted dog has gained popularity. However, the story of the Dalmatian goes beyond the film. He is also known as “carriage dog” or “fire station dog”. Before the “horseless carriage,” horses were used to pull fire engines, and the dog became a […]

4 types of water filtration systems

Water filtration systems are a practical solution to remove chlorine, fluoride, parasites or bacteria from household tap water. Clean, healthy water can help reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases, as well as certain types of cancer, including those of the bladder, colon, and rectum. Instant access to drinking water also […]

The spear of Longinus

The prime mover in Julius Caesar’s assassination was married to Brutus, but I suspect he was less interested in restoring power to the Senate (and to some extent the people of Italy) than his own power. The movie Spartacus does see it the way I see it. His character was […]