Is USSD hungry for SS7? (The answer is no)

When launching new services, mobile operators often worry whether these services will inhibit existing infrastructure or services. In particular, USSD services are often suspected of depleting radio channel capacity and inducing voice channel outage. Clearly, a service that exposes the operator’s core asset to risk needs to be carefully scrutinized […]

Classic Game Review: Speculator

“As of 6:49 AM CST, reports from Hong Kong Gold indicate that gold is weaker against the US dollar.” He quickly calls his broker on the phone and places an order to sell gold “short” (that is, he sells gold he doesn’t currently have assuming he can buy it at […]

The first Acer laptop: a recent history

Acer has quickly become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal computers. This is especially impressive since the company doesn’t have a PC production history that stretches back to some of its competitors. Both HP and Toshiba have been making PCs for the consumer market much longer than Acer. […]