ZonnepanelenWouwse Plantage

ZonnepanelenWouwse ZonnepanelenWouwse Plantage zijn gemaakt van individuele zonnecellen die elektriciteit opwekken. Ze worden geassembleerd tot zonnepanelen en ingelijst in PVC of PU. Vervolgens ondergaan ze testen en kwaliteitsborging. Drijvende zonne-energie-installaties zijn minder duur dan PV-systemen op de grond, maar vereisen meer staal en kunnen in zout water corroderen. Sommige ontwerpen […]

Advantages of Rigid Flex Boards in Electronic Devices

Advantages of Rigid Flex Boards A rigid-flex board combines the stability of a traditional PCB with the flexibility of a flexible circuit. It is used in a wide range of electronic devices from smartphones and headsets to complex medical equipment. These boards are incredibly versatile, allowing them to be used […]

Lessons from the sandbox

A long time ago I photocopied an article called “Lessons from the Sandbox.” They’re part of a Robert Fulgram article, I think. I have them on my wall at work, and these ground rules sum up everything we need to know to get along with people. He says: Business principles […]

‘Fair Warning’ – 7 Legal Risks of Auction E

Online auctions (or electronic auctions) are big business and can catapult a regional auction house onto an international stage with access to new and dynamic global markets. Companies like eBay have added all kinds of auction capabilities to their websites to engage users and add excitement. But running an online […]

Evidence law in Cyprus

Evidence law refers to the legal norms and principles that define the proof of facts in a judicial process. Since the available evidence shapes the judge’s decision, the law of evidence indicates what evidence should or should not be considered by the Court. In Cyprus, the proof of facts in […]

Timeshare and how to cancel or get out of it

Timeshare is a form of shared ownership contract commonly associated with vacation and recreational condominium ownership. Rights are granted to more than one owner to use the property during a specified period each year. It is very popular in vacation spots around the world. By signing the timeshare purchase contract, […]