Kiran Bedi – A true inspiration

‘I have a clear vision; if I accept a mission, I will do him full justice; otherwise I will leave’ – Kiran Bedi. Kiran Bedi (born June 9, 1949) is a retired Indian Police Service officer, social activist, former tennis player, politician, and the first woman to enter the Indian […]

Ghana Life: Market Carts

In Ghana’s cities, the cheapest and most widely used freight service is provided by teams of boys pushing and pulling flat-top market carts built from four car wheels. In Kumasi, the cars are made by artisans, steelmakers and carpenters, who work in Suame Magazine, the largest informal industrial zone in […]

I will be happy when

When will you be happy? Do you think it will happen when you finish school, get a better job, make more money, get married, buy a new car or house, have kids, take a vacation, or retire? If you do, you will be very disappointed. The world leads us to […]

Advantages of a convertible sofa bed

To better utilize the living space, a convertible sofa bed should be used. They fulfill a double function: they are used both as sofas to sit on and to sleep on. Here’s why they are advantageous: – Optimal space utilization: You never have to worry about running out of space. […]

Zimbabwe: A Supreme Tourist Destination

To have fun in our life we ​​need friends, entertainment, games and of course travel. A trip to any beautiful place is the best thing we can do to rejuvenate ourselves, which is why Zimbabwe is the ultimate tourist destination. To visit Zimbabwe it does not matter if you are […]

3 Tips for Buying a Salvation Army Car

The Salvation Army acquires vehicles through donations. Sometimes these are vehicles that owners no longer need, for various reasons, and are in reasonably good condition. Sometimes they are vehicles that are damaged or mechanically defective and the previous owners have chosen not to repair, sell or exchange them. They have […]