Only Singapore!

Singapore cleverly brings together the past and the future. It harmoniously combines different cultures, gastronomy, art and architecture and leaves a mark on all who visit it. Malay legends about a Sumatran prince who remembered a lion in Temasek. Considering it a good omen, he founded Singapura or the City […]

On being a rice queen

In my upcoming novel “The Rice Queen Spy” I pay homage to a British Caucasian homosexual who spent his entire life having sexual encounters only with Asian men. In essence, “No Caucasian Needs to Run” was his motto. A rice queen is a black or Caucasian gay man who is […]

Florida’s unfair law

Jennifer Mee Case Florida woman Jennifer Mee was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2013 after being convicted of first-degree murder. If she believes that she deserved to be locked up for life, she might want to think again once she reads the details of Jennifer’s case, which […]

Tips for traveling to Singapore

Singapore is a small country in size but an economic giant, especially in Southeast Asia. Singapore is located at the southern tip of Malaysia, just one degree north of the equator. The city is a blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European culture and religions. The four major religions are […]