Useful tips for better real estate management

Managing rental properties can be a tedious process that sometimes leads to legal trouble. As a property manager or owner, you should think about preventing problems even before they occur to make it easier to keep order. In addition to making your tenants feel worthy, you also need to find […]

Pokémon cards: the correct way to trade them

There is a wrong way and a right way to trade Pokémon cards. Many people make a mistake when exchanging letters and they frustrate the person they just exchanged with, or they end up in distress. This happens all too often, but most people do not realize exactly why or […]

3 numbers retired from OHL’s Sudbury Wolves

The Ontario Hockey League franchise now known as Sudbury Wolves has been firmly planted in that northern Ontario city since the 1972-73 season. The franchise started as Barrie Flyers in 1945 and moved to Niagara Falls to become Niagara Falls Flyers in 1960. Since moving to Sudbury, the team has […]

IP6, what is it?

IP6 is the short name for inositol hexaphosphate, a molecule with important implications for your health. IP6 is a natural substance that is found in practically every cell in our body. IP6 is vital for life. IP6 performs several critical biochemical functions, especially during the complex and delicate process of […]

Cash flow reality and misconceptions

Is Your Business Experiencing Financial Anxiety? According to a US Bank study, 82 percent of business bankruptcies are due to poor cash management. In today’s economic environment, managing cash has become even more critical to small business life. According to various research organizations, successful surviving businesses have been exerting control […]