What do you train your kitten for?

You are enjoying having your new kitten named Angel in your home and you are wondering what you are training him for. Take a look at these four points.

1. To use the litter box

You need to give Angel clear and consistent guidelines so that you have placed a litter box on the porch and one in the guest room. It is suggested that a cat have two litter boxes. Cats are shy when it comes to grooming. These places are quiet areas away from the rest of the home.

You can use a good absorbable litter (hopefully Angel will like it) and plan to replace it every 2-3 days instead of 1x a week. The cleaner the litter box is, the more likely it is to be used. And it’s important for cats to go to the bathroom regularly to avoid health problems like urinary tract disease, which is very common and debilitating. To help with this, you should always have an unlimited supply of water for Angel, maybe a couple of bowls around the house. The idea is to encourage Angel to drink more and urinate more to avoid health problems.

If Angel suddenly displays some bad behaviors, like getting lost or avoiding the litter box or going to the bathroom in his favorite chair, then we’ll need to go through the checklist.

1. did you move the litter box?
2. Is there more traffic, eg guests to stay?
3. Did you renovate the room?
4. Did the box or litter type change?
5. Could it be a health problem like a urinary tract infection or kidney disease where they associate the pain with the litter box and stop using it? This will have to be reviewed.

Training your kitty to use the litter box should be as stress-free as possible. Let’s hope Angel adjusts well to this.

2. To display acceptable behaviors

Cats scratch, scratch, bite and chew for many reasons. If they’re doing these things with their cats’ food or toys, then that’s great. But sometimes they do it on other things like your new couch or power cord that not only destroys your property but is potentially dangerous to you. Do not tolerate rough play. If allowed to play aggressively with the wrong things, young cats will grow into stronger, more aggressive older cats. You can stop playing with your cat if he starts biting or scratching.

yes angel scratches then you should offer him some alternatives for scratching, such as a scratching mat or scratching post. These are more acceptable porridge!

Angel is young and will explore her world, like human babies do, by biting and chewing on things. So we’ll give Angel substitutes and reward her for biting and scratching the correct item.

over vocalization It may be another topic to discuss. Some cats rarely meow and others never seem to shut up. This constant crying and need for reassurance can be the hardest to understand. If Angel needs help here, he can call the professionals.

3. To address issues like:

TO. Mark territory with urine or poop:

While this is fine on the outside, it becomes a problem on the inside.

b. grooming problems:

Some cats overgroom to the point of losing hair and creating
bald patches.

against disease problems:

If Angel displays any of these behaviors, she will need help.
Hopefully, she’ll be happy and preening like the very relaxed cat in the picture.

4. do tricks
You’ll have fun training Angel to do all sorts of tricks, including commands like:

come, sit, beg, sit, stay, jump, turn, climb a ladder, wave, kiss and more.

Training your kitty to use the litter box, behave well, do various tricks, plus identifying problems that need fixing will take time, but these are ideas on what you can do to train your kitty.

There are certainly many things you can do to train your kitty. Hopefully, you can help guide her in the right direction so that she settles in well and you and your family can enjoy your furious friend for many years to come.

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