Dark Sector Preview

Dark Sector was one of those video games (along with Killzone 2) that first made its debut at E3 2005, but then disappeared in action. This has all changed over the summer as some new details about the Dark Sector have been released. Dark Sector is a third person shooter […]

McDonald’s, scalability and leadership

McDonald’s, scalability and leadership – John C. Maxwell Imagine for a moment that you stop typing, take your eyes off your computer screen, look at the wall, and realize it’s 11:57 am on a cold winter Monday. What do you have in mind? What’s your next thought? I AM HUNGRY! […]

Pediatric Spay-Neuter: The Basics

If you recently adopted a new puppy or kitten, you may have been presented with the option of “pediatric spay/neuter surgery” and may not be familiar with the process, or even comfortable with the concept . We have all become accustomed to the standard 6 to 9 month standard for […]