A gift of great value: buying a Tag Heuer sports watch for a loved one

When my son, who was on vacation from college, called me on the long-distance phone and said he’d like to visit me to help him choose and buy a Tag Heuer sports watch, I wasn’t surprised at all. After all, Tag Heuer Sport watches are well known for their quality and value.

So three days later we headed to the Watta Time Watch Shop and were greeted by the sales supervisor.

The first thing to know when buying a Tag Heuer sports watch is that Tag Heuer watches come in different ranges. The Tag Heuer brand is synonymous with sport, and three ranges were presented to us. The first range was the Formula 1 sports range which didn’t appeal to us as they were too strong and looked very crude, then the 2000 year series which was being phased out and the new Aquaracer series.

The Aquaracer series appealed to us the most. This range refers to Tag Heuer sports watches that are primarily designed to withstand water activities and sports, and the watches would be capable of withstanding a good depth of water pressure. It was a pity, the Sales Supervisor didn’t find it useful to tell us exactly the technical details or how deep it can go underwater or what water pressure it can withstand, so we are not the wiser.

The second thing to know when buying a Tag Heuer watch is the color of the watch face. The watch face can be a dark black or dark blue dial or a white dial. Normally a dark face watch would look really fancy on my son’s wrist, but this time the dark face watch tried on my son’s wrist didn’t look any fancier or better. Even the sales supervisor agreed that when the watch was viewed on its own on the counter, it looked very classy, ​​but not on my son’s wrist. Again, he couldn’t offer a reason, but we can assume that the design of the watch itself is most likely the reason.

The third thing to know when buying a Tag Heuer watch is the thickness of the watch. A thicker Tag Heuer watch would cost at least a thousand ringgit (Malaysian dollars) more, and there was no reason anyone would want to buy a thicker, heavier watch, and the sales supervisor once again didn’t bother to explain. because. . But on further investigation, we found that the thickness was due to the fact that the watch was a self-winding function with no need for a battery.

The fourth thing to know when buying a Tag Heuer watch is incremental value. To get an indication of the rate of gain in annual value, I consulted an athlete who was the most avid tennis player I have ever met. She had purchased a Tag Heuer sports watch about 10 years ago at $2,500 ringgit during a specialty watch store closing sale. The same series was now selling for $3,500, generating an annual increase of $100 per year. So if you’re looking to invest in a Tag Heuer watch with an eye toward making a capital gain, you can expect a similar rate of gain in value. If you are looking for better incremental value, you may need to consider other brands.

The last thing you need to know about buying a Tag Heuer watch is the warranty. The sales supervisor told us that all Tag Heuer watches have a 2-year warranty. However, upon reviewing the manual, it was found that this only applies to watches purchased within the United States of America. The fine print on the warranty card showed a period of only one year for Tag Heuer watches purchased elsewhere.

There are also stores that will accept trade-in for your current model and an upgrade to a newer, more expensive model. So when you buy a Tag Heuer watch from such a store, make sure you are buying a really new Tag Heuer watch and not getting a refurbished or refurbished Tag Heuer watch at new prices. By the way, there are also unannounced discounts during certain periods of the year.

Consider all these factors when buying your Tag Heuer watch and you will find the most suitable and smart Tag Heuer watch. You can then enjoy years of good service from your Tag Heuer watch and watch its value increase as the years go by.

It will also make a good watch if you are buying one for your loved one, especially for those memorable occasions like Valentine’s Day or birthdays, and you can even have a paired Tag Heuer watch for him and her. Tag Heuer watches can also put a dash of romance for lovebirds!

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