A Vacation In Sunny Bonita Springs – Florida Is At It’s Best!

A vacation in Florida makes me a better person. I can leave Bonita Springs feeling tense and stressed, and even after a quick 3 or 4 day visit, I feel refreshed and revitalized. People in Florida seem to be happier, nicer, and more relaxed.

I’m not sure if it’s the sun, the sea breeze, or the palm trees, but when you meet people while biking or walking, they say “Hello” or “Good morning.” How cool is that?! Strangers seem more open and friendly. A Florida vacation offers so many things that I love to do. Stroll the beach and collect shells, sit on the beach and gaze at the ocean, or better yet, watch the sunset, or “Sunset” in Floridian.

The “sunset” in Bonita Springs can be different every day depending on sky conditions. It is much better than television.

One of my favorite things to do is lie in the sun. I really don’t understand why something that feels so good is so bad for you. The sun in Florida is very intense, so caution is advised. I use an SPF 20-30 sunscreen, just to be safe. Of course, your skin type and tendency to burn will determine how well you protect your skin. When in doubt, always use a higher SPF

I like to go to Lake Trafford, which is in the Ft Myers/Naples area, for an airboat ride. They say that this lake has the largest population of alligators of all the lakes in Florida. On one of our trips, we counted over 70 alligators, ranging in size from very small to large, 14-foot alligators. You also see a wide variety of birds. It’s not cheap, but I think it’s worth the money spent.

The Caribbean Zoo in Naples is definitely a must see. It has an outdoor theater where live educational demonstrations with various animals are presented. Which is great for people of any age. And they are done with consideration and safety for the animals.

You can also watch them feed the alligators. The zoo is small enough that you can easily see the entire zoo in one day. And they have to do with the natural habitat and humane treatment of animals. My recommendation: go in the morning. Animals tend to be more active when it is cold.

Oh, and what woman doesn’t love shopping? Well, you’ll be glad to find that there is no shortage of shopping in the Bonita Springs, Naples area. You could shop every day of your visit, all day and not put a tooth on the number of different places to shop! You’ll find anything you might be looking for, from super expensive to outlet mall.

A trip to Florida isn’t complete unless you’ve browsed the Best of Everything store. How can you beat $5.00 sunglasses? If you visit the store during the off-season, the store is empty and it’s easy to get around. In shopping season there now that is a completely different experience. Sometimes the line wraps around the store, really! Patience is certainly needed when the store is like this!

Corkscrew Sanctuary is a lovely place to visit for those who enjoy a long walk and love nature. But for those not used to walking, it can be exhausting, especially on a hot day. Bring your water bottles! Again, consider this for a morning adventure.

Orange picking was a very different experience – watch out for the bees! Where he picked, he encouraged me to try the different varieties. If you have never had ripe fruit from the tree, this will be a treat! Don’t be put off by not-so-perfect skin, that just means they’re natural. They have not been polished, dead and oiled. Your taste buds will be very happy!

Although I’ve never done it, I think picking tomatoes would be fun too. Tomatoes are a big crop in Florida. I have had vine ripe tomatoes and they are so good! I can eat them like an apple, although they are a bit dirtier.

No Florida vacation is complete without dining out. Something we like to do and there is no shortage of restaurants. The Naples, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers areas have many restaurants to choose from. All types of cuisine at all prices.

No trip to Bonita Springs is complete without visiting the “Royal Scoop.” This ice cream parlor is known for its wonderful homemade ice cream. Off-season, you can walk up to the counter at any time and be served fairly quickly. In season – again, be prepared to wait.

Even when there is a huge queue, everyone seems to be in a good mood. The ice cream is so delicious; definitely worth the wait. Their flavors change, but you can be sure that they will always have one of your favorites: coconut, coffee or cookies and cream are my favorites.

I’m always a little sad when my Florida vacation comes to an end. I’ve found that the best cure is to immediately start planning my trip back to the Bonita Springs/Naples area. I always hope to return sooner rather than later!

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