Xbox One and console privacy concerns

The launch of Xbox One is scheduled for late 2013. Previous Xbox models were Xbox 360 and Xbox. If the massive success of these models is any indicator, the Xbox One should also face huge popularity. Some of the impressive features of this promising game console are: Compatible with x86-64 […]

Is walking the best exercise?

One thing in advance. I personally believe, based on experience and study, that walking has to be one of the best exercises out there. Whether you’re interested in health, fitness, weight loss, or aging, not many things have as beneficial an effect as walking. In fact, before we try to […]

Gratitude, pass it on!

Who has helped you on your way to success? How have you thanked them? Coach Wooden said, “It takes 10 hands to make a basket.” Show appreciation to others who made you successful: “Coach Wooden insisted that his players always acknowledge the help and support they received from other team […]