Bathroom tile grout alternative

When you’re laying tiles on your bathroom floor, experts will always tell consumers to fill the gaps between the tiles with grout so that the seal is secure and doesn’t allow moisture to seep into the floor. If moisture seeps between the tiles, it opens up the opportunity for mold to grow under the floor. It is important to place something between the tiles to create a seal, however there are alternatives to using grout. It’s just a matter of deciding what works best for the consumer, taking into account costs, aesthetics and efficiency. All of these options can be done by taking a “do it yourself” approach rather than hiring professionals if the consumer wishes.

The first alternative is sanded grout. It is cement-based and is most often used for intermediate slabs and stone. Purchase a pack of sanded grout at Ace Hardware Outlet for $ 6 per 7 pound pack. It is a commonly absorbent product and must be sealed to protect the product from stains and dirt. It is very simple to apply and an excellent option for those who are not familiar with the process. Since the price is so affordable, it is much easier to pay the correct amount and correct mistakes.

Another alternative is an epoxy-based one. The advantage of using this type is that it is stain and mildew resistant. While this can be applied on its own, it is quite difficult as there are several components of the mixture that need to be combined and mixed just prior to application. After mixing, there is only a short period of time to apply the epoxy-based grout to the area. If this is your first time applying this type, it is suggested to hire an experienced contractor to do the job. However, if one is interested in taking on the project, this guy can be found at The Home Depot for $ 31 per package.

These options are excellent alternatives to using standard grout materials. Both of these options are affordable and will keep any bathroom safe from stains, mold, dirt, and mildew that could possibly build up on the floor. Consumers looking to upgrade their bathroom should look for alternatives to grout to save money and time during upgrades. These alternatives will provide consumers with the same benefits of traditional grout without having to spend time delineating each tile individually. Once finished, the consumer will be pleasantly surprised with its results!

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