Beep Beep, the 10 best car rental tips

Ready to rent a car for your next trip? Follow these top 10 car rental tips before you book your next car. These tips will help you save money.

Top 10 car rental tips

1. Do you really need transportation?

Are you planning to stay in a resort? Do you need a car once you arrive at the resort? You are better off getting transportation to the resort and not renting a car.

2. Rent the vehicle only the days you need it

If you only plan to drive out of town for a day, just rent the car for the day instead of the entire vacation. If you’re staying in the city, you can usually rent a car at hotels for the day rather than at the airport for your entire stay.

3. Rent airport property

It is usually much cheaper to rent a car in the city than at the airport. The airport has additional charges that can be avoided by renting a car in the city. Check with hotels in the area and find out where you can pick up a car for the day. If you rent the car at the end of your trip, plan to return it at the airport, avoiding a transportation fee to return to the airport.

4. Rent for a day trip and return it after hours

If you plan to take a day trip, please pick up the car at a hotel in the city. Return the car after hours and avoid the second rental day as long as you return it before they open the next day. Plus, you’ll also avoid paying overnight parking fees. Stop by the car rental in the morning and pick up your receipt or have them email it to you.

5. Look for coupons on the web

Determine which car company you plan to use, then look for coupons and discounts that apply to that rental company. Usually you just need the code. Once you have it, apply it to your rental car. Weekly car rental coupons can usually save you $25.00 – $30.00. That’s a nice discount on a weekly car rental.

6. Stay on a Saturday night

Car rentals often discount the rate for a Saturday night stay. Most coupons only work when there is a Saturday night. If you plan to rent a car from Sunday to Saturday, you may get a much better deal by renting from Saturday to Friday.

7. Rent a smaller vehicle and request a free upgrade

Rent an economy or compact car and often they will tell you they upgraded to a larger vehicle. Car rental companies tend to have an overflow of larger vehicles and will usually upgrade you at no additional cost. Check with them to see if they will give you a free upgrade.

8. Do not opt ​​for them to recharge your gasoline

Always choose the option to bring the car full of gasoline. If you choose to have the car rental company fill up the gas tank for you, you are paying for a full tank, regardless of how much you used. Most of the time, your tank doesn’t register empty when you stop at the car rental to return it.

9. Check with your insurance company for coverage

If you already have car insurance, it probably covers car rentals. Check with your car insurance and find out what the coverage of your car rental is. This could save you quite a bit if you’re already covered.

10. Check with your credit card company for coverage

Most major credit cards offer car rental insurance. Read the fine print as some indicate reservation and payment must be made with the same credit card.

There are so many ways to save money on rent. Consider renting a car at the beginning or end of your trip, which will allow you to avoid transportation costs to or from the airport. Plan your day trip that requires a vehicle at the beginning or end of your trip, to avoid being left with the car for the entire vacation.

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