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Ok… Yeah, I know… I’m a couple of months too late to talk about breast health. Indulge me a bit, I have to do my bit as everyone has their own opinion on breast health care, and my Geek Squad and task support had my computer completely broken trying to get that my website and my life a little easier to use. Okay… deep breath… let’s get started.

50 to 60 years ago… Breast cancer was not the big concern many of us face today. It was still common for housewives to prepare most meals, the hustle and bustle was not the same as it is today, fast food chains did not dominate every street corner offering dollar deals, and the wire clips were missing. Not the big rave.

So what is going on? Why are we in the 21st century with a rate of 1 in 8 women ending up with breast cancer? That totally blows my mind. AS a mother of 5 daughters, I look at my girls and say let’s do some prevention! How about instead of doing a breast check once a month, we check our breasts every time we’re in the shower? When you are in the shower, try massaging your breast in a clockwise direction and massage towards your armpits. This will help stimulate lymphatic flow and help clear stagnant lymph nodes. The breasts tend to get lumpy and lumpy during the different cycles of your monthly menstruation. Pay attention to moles or any discoloration of the nipples or skin. Take a good look at yourself. Stand up straight and be cheerful for the mirror. Really observe. This is one of the best preventions you can do for your health.

Let’s talk about shaving. Hi…it’s kind of gross to see long braids of hair hanging from a woman’s armpits. I know in some countries it’s more acceptable… but here in America we like the close shave style. (Who started the shaved-armpit craze?) That’s a risky question. LOL

There’s a lot of talk about deodorant being the culprit in breast cancer. I tend to agree with some opinions on this. When we wear deodorant, our lymph nodes become stagnant and tend to accumulate toxins and build up. When using the deodorant, our sweat puffs are unable to release the toxins. Many women complain that natural deodorant doesn’t work as well for them. I guess this is when committing is a good thing. Try shaving at night before bed, and then in the morning when you put on deodorant, you’ll have at least 8 hours of hair growth so your open pores don’t get as heavy a dose of antiperspirant. In the morning, avoid wearing deodorant so your sweat puffs can release and sweat out impurities from your body. Try going braless from time to time so everything flows naturally. She only wears earrings on special occasions. By doing more prevention, you can take control of your breast health. Try it this month and you will feel the difference.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water. It is so easy to become dehydrated in the colder temperatures. By the time you realize you’re thirsty, it’s already too late. You are already dehydrated. Drink to your good health. Health!

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