Rugby – Injury Prevention

From leg cramps and bruises to broken bones and torn ligaments, in sports, injuries are inevitable. The main goal of an athlete is to know how to protect themselves from such injuries occurring.

Most sports have equipment that athletes can wear to protect themselves. Baseball players wear cups to protect their crown jewels. Football players wear pads to make sure they don’t hurt their fragile bodies. Soccer players wear shin guards to avoid getting hurt by a kick. Last but not least, the Ruggers have the privilege of wearing a cap if they choose. Rugby is truly a gentleman’s game played by hooligans. With no equipment to prevent them from getting hit, rugby players have to be tough.

Unfortunately for rugby players, being tough will not prevent injuries. Rugby is a high collision sport and concussions, cuts, bruises, sprains, etc. it will happen So how do rugby players prevent injuries?

The key to preventing injuries comes from proper training. Whether in practice or on the pitch, a rugby player must always use proper technique. Although practicing the fundamentals may not be fun for rugby players, the key is to practice tackling, scrum and ruck correctly. Coaches need to develop their players and make sure they know their position during the game. Every player on the field should know his abilities, for example his support should not be on the wing on the baseline. Knowing the rules of the game is very important for rugbiers.

KNOW YOUR POSITION! Positions on the pitch include their backs and forwards. There are eight forwards and seven backs on the field. The forwards consist of your props, hooker, blockers, flankers, and eight men. Backs consist of your scrum half, fly half, inside center, outside center, flankers, and fullback. Usually your forwards will rely on your size and strength and your backs will rely on your speed and agility.

Keeping your body fit is important to prevent injuries. Strength, speed and skill training is invaluable to rugby players. While training, an athlete should make sure to properly stretch and warm up. Proper nutrition can also help keep your body fit. Don’t put extra stress on injuries, if you are injured take a break from training and focus your time on other aspects of the game.

The use of equipment such as scrum machines and tackle plates is very helpful in preventing injuries. For forwards, knowing how to scrum is one of the key aspects of the game. By using a scrum machine, forwards can participate without injuring a teammate. Both forwards and backs can use the tackle pads to learn proper technique. A RUGBY TACKLE IS NOTHING LIKE A FOOTBALL TACKLE!!! This point cannot be stressed enough to rugby players. Make sure your players learn to bundle up when they tackle.

Keep a cool head when you play. Make sure you know the proper techniques. Stay in your position. Avoid injuries for the rugbiers!

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