The chains of honor: one of the most important armors if you are a Smiter paladin

Chains of Honor is a runeword used on bulletproof vests and is considered a very useful runeword due to its high resistance and bonus to abilities. It is considered the best armor of choice for paladins employing the Smite ability (commonly known as Smiters).


– Body Armor with 4 plugs
– Runes (in order): Dol + Um + Ber + Ist

The stats:

– Level Requirement: 63
– +2TB All Skills
– +200% Damage to Demons
– +100% damage to undead
– 8% life stolen per hit
– +70% Enhanced Defense
– +20 to Strength
– Replenish Life +7
– All Stamina +65
– Damage reduced by 8%
– 25% more chance to get magic items

+2TB All Skills

Only 2 Runewords that are used on Body Armor have +2 to All Skills and that is Chains of Honor and Enigma.

+2 to all skills is an attractive mod for both caster and melee characters, but no one craves it more than Smiter.


Thumpers deal damage with their shield, not their weapons. There are only two ways a Smiter can increase the damage done by his Smite abilities: + Damage modifier (numerical value), or by a +A All Abilities modifier.

Weapons only add damage to the Smite ability if they have the Damage + (numerical value) modifier, and only a few weapons have that mod (ex: Grief Runeword is very popular for this reason, as it puts the aforementioned modifier on the weapon on which the runic word is placed).

+ To All Skill modifiers add more levels to the following paladin skills, all of which are used by Smiters to increase their damage potential: Smite, Holy Shield, and Fanaticism Aura. So it’s no surprise that items with the +A all skills modifier are attractive to Smiters.

8%Liferobbed by hit

Life leech is a good mod, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with the Smite ability.

All Resistances +65%

This is a very good reason for any character to wear armor infused with the Chain of Honor runeword. +65% to All Resistance is a huge and extremely useful boost when playing Hell Difficulty.

Damage reduced by 8%

Many players try to put on at least one item that has % physical damage resistance, for the simple reason that it reduces the damage taken from successful attacks and thus leads to one of the most important goals for all players. from Diablo 2 (especially those who play in Hardcore mode): don’t die


This is the king of armor for paladins who deal damage through the Smite ability, for the +2 to all abilities, massive resistances increases, and the nice Physical Resistance mod on it. Enigma also has +2 to all abilities, but is more expensive in terms of the runes required for it. Players faced with a choice between the two Runewords generally choose depending on their play style: if they prefer to play the game properly, killing monsters (Players vs Monsters or PVM), then they choose Chains of Honor for all the benefits. already listed. If you prefer to play the PK style (which stands for Player Killer, literally killing other players in duels), then you could opt for Enigma, as it is the only rune word that offers non-sorcerers the use of the teleport ability. , which is beyond invaluable in PvP (Player versus Player).

Other classes may still find this armor-based runeword very useful, due to the massive increase in resistances.

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