Viking VGCC5366BSS Range Review

A professional quality natural gas cooktop made by Viking, the Custom 36″ VGCC5366BSS is a six burner cooktop/oven with an infrared broiler. While the basic unit is made from stainless steel, exclusive finishes are available to match your décor. of your kitchen Colors include Cobalt Blue, Golden Mist, Apple Red, Burgundy, Lemonade, Racing Red, or Sea Glass To add a touch of class, order a nameplate with brass accents, panel knob bezel control knob or oven door handle bracket This model includes island trim.

The elegant structure of the Viking range adds a professional touch to any kitchen. The heavy steel knobs on your control panel will withstand even the busiest kitchen program without breaking and looking good at the same time. The swing-out oven door features a towel bar handle with an extra-wide window.

The standard oven has three racks that can be set in six different positions to handle casseroles, cakes and other foods for large family gatherings or dinner parties. Continuous grills are made of cast iron and porcelain. The stove surface is also made of porcelain.

The oven burners operate at 15,000 BTUs each. The range’s SureSpark Ignition feature makes lighting the burner quick and easy. Each burner will light whether the control panel knob is set to high or low. The Viking VariSimmer setting helps control cooking even on the lowest heat settings. The VGCC5366BSS control panel has separate settings for grill and simmer operation, grill settings, and a convection fan switch. VSH Pro sealed burners ensure consistent heat whether the setting is high or low.

Remove burner caps for quick cleanup. The one-piece cooking surface and removable grates make maintenance on this unit a breeze.

Regardless of your cooking application, the VGCC5366BSS has you covered: there’s natural airflow and convection bake, convection dehydrate and defrost, meticulously convection and simple infrared roast. The exclusive GourmetGlo infrared grill provides restaurant-quality searing heat for juicy steaks and fish. The sturdy kettle pan prevents drippings from falling into the unit.

Control oven temperature with a thermostat and on/off indicator light. Two conveniently located halogen lights inside the oven illuminate food for a quick check on progress.

As with all Viking ranges there are a number of optional accessories available for the Viking VGCC5366BSS. Customize your kitchen with an 8″ back or side counter trim, tall shelf or back guard. We also offer a curb base with a custom front for this unit, as well as a LP and LP Conversion Kit.

The Viking VGCC5366BSS comes with a limited one-year warranty on the entire unit. A five-year limited warranty covers tube and surface burners; The porcelain kiln is covered for ten years. Glass and other decorative parts have a 90-day limited warranty.

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