What you can do to make your vacation in Italy a great success with your children

Your children can have a lot of fun during your family vacation in Italy. It will be an enriching experience for them, including education, adventure, entertainment and excitement.

You can have your children sit with you while you plan the trip, as it will help increase the excitement. Plus, you’ll learn more about the things they’ll be interested in doing and visiting.

The planning stage:

By allowing your children to participate in the planning of your trip, you will provide them with endless opportunities to enjoy new experiences with art, foreign lifestyles, architecture and history.

As you plan to see various places in Italy, make sure they are family-friendly places. You can search for hotels and beach resorts for families, so that your children are always safe and also enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Activities you can enjoy with children in Italy

If you’re opting for luxury Italy tours, you want to make sure you incorporate activities that will keep you and your kids busy during your trip and stay. Below is a list of activities that you could include in your itinerary:

Cooking classes for children: The best way to enjoy local cuisine and wine tasting together with your family is to join the half-day culinary classes. If you are traveling during peak season, be sure to confirm your reservations in advance, preferably 5 days before your travel date.

Enjoy Vatican City like a smart kid: Whether you are religious or not, you will surely want your children to experience the history and art of Vatican City. Your children will love exploring the city and will begin to remember what they learned in school, making it easier for them to remember their homework.

A trip to the royal castles: Abruzzo has many castles, due to its strategic location, which is between the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas. You can visit historical places like Ocre, Celano, Castel di Ieri, Gagliano Aterno, Tione d’Abruzzi, Fontecchio, Rocca Calascio and many more.

Puppet shows: No child has ever said no to a puppet show. Everyone loves it and for this reason, you cannot miss the shows that are held in a spectacular theater in Sicily, which you and your little ones can enjoy in a big way.

Children’s Sculpture Garden: This sculpture garden is the result of Niki De Saint Phalle’s hard work and dedication over 20 years. The beautiful hillside garden location overlooking the Tuscan coastline is definitely a place for her sons.

Enjoy the Carnival: New Orleans, Venice and Rio organize the main carnival celebrations in the world. Everything is energetic and colorful in this celebration. It will certainly be an exciting and unique experience for your children.

In addition to the activities mentioned above, you can also

  • Try to organize your trip around the time of the local festivals.
  • Visit the largest aquarium in Europe
  • See an English play in Rome
  • Visit the Natural Park
  • go to the amusement park

Once you get back home, you’ll be dying to share your wonderful experience and photos from your vacation in Italy.

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