Differences between SEO B2B and SEO B2C campaigns

The main objective of Business2Business (B2B) and Business2Consumer (B2C) marketing is to generate traffic, increase sales and improve revenue. Keep reading to discover the main SEO strategies that will help you in your goal: 1. Objectives of the marketing campaign: In general, the majority of search engine optimization clients have […]

Yorkie Potty Training Is Easy

This Yorkie potty training method is the one we use and it works for any size dog. It’s simple and it works. Just about every dog ​​house training article you read tells you the same thing. Crate training your dog is the best way to house train him blah blah […]

What foods to eat to maximize fat loss

Hello, in this article, I will show you how to eat 1400 calories consciously without literally counting calories. There are two clear methods to maximize fat loss. Either you burn more of the food you eat through exercise or you decrease the food you eat. Let’s leave the first for […]

What is the real cost of buying a house?

Given that owning a home, of your own, is often considered an essential component of the American Dream, and for most people, the financial value of their home represents their single largest financial/economic asset, it doesn’t make much more sense , if serious potential homeowners, proceeded, with their eyes wide […]

You have to love Costa Rica

This Central American country has it all! We flew to San Jose, the capital city, on JetBlue from Ft Lauderdale (a big airline, by the way). He spent one night at the Carriari Doubletree hotel and then headed to the state of Guanacaste on the Pacific Northwest coast of Costa […]