How to make money online and create wealth on the internet

Creating cash from the Internet involves offering a Service or a Product. Let’s take a quick look at these two business models.

1. Offering a Service to earn money online

Some websites make money by offering a service and an online identity built over years and people feel comfortable doing business with them because they know it is a trustworthy website. Imagine sending $1000 dollars over the internet to people you may never meet in your entire life, and the only impression you have of them is your website, testimonials and, if all goes well, a good product.

The services offered by these types of e-commerce sites are usually hired to help Internet business owners. Services include Copywriting, Graphic Design, Mini Site Graphics, Mini Site Design, Website Design, WordPress Theme Design, Video Design, Ghost Writing Services, Software Programming such as Landing Page Generators. Having said that, there will always be some form of investment in terms of purchasing domain names as well as monthly web hosting. The gains will often outweigh the cost because an identity gives people some confidence in your service, that it won’t just take their money and shut down your website overnight, which it does.

Some freelancers choose not to have their own site and use business matching services like elance or The competition on these sites is tough because everyone is bidding on jobs posted by internet business owners. Internet business owners, who drive big cars and live in nice houses, will usually choose the cheapest one with 5 star reviews. By having your own identity and website, you can serve private clients and instead of fighting with the “rest” you can get better margins.

2. Be a professional blogger

This does not imply any monetary cost. The blog can even be obtained for free from wordpress or blogger. Blogger blogs are indexed very quickly by Google. In fact, some of my blog posts get indexed in less than 1 hour after making a post, that’s how fast it can be. Google bots like blogs that are fresh, unique, and offer a different perspective on a topic. If your blog is new, you can expect to be on the first page of Google for the keyword of your interest. Having said that, blogging is not a quick and get rich scheme, it can take up to 2 months to get regular traffic to your blog, and even then, you may not even be able to monetize the traffic effectively at $10k full time. monthly income.

3. Build databases

Building a database has a lot of power. It is very easy to earn obscene amounts of cash just by generating traffic. And this is not only restricted to online traffic. In fact, if you can generate clients and interest in an offline event, roller skating event, Latin dance ballroom event, night club event, golf, formula 1 event, job placement for senior CEOs, you can win tons of cash just for sending an email. That’s how powerful it is. Of course, it costs money and a credit card to do this, and purchase services, and that could be a potential hurdle for many people whose current income doesn’t allow for a master card or visa.

I hope this “How to Make Money Online” article gives you some ideas for building your own business. If you don’t have finances, perhaps your best bet is to be a hired help first and lend your talents to good business owners who are also good payers.

For your success!

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