How to send a cold email

Want to send a business email to someone you haven’t met before? Like making cold calls, there are some additional precautions you will need to take when contacting prospects.

Use a meaningful subject line. A descriptive subject line that immediately indicates to the recipient the nature of the email is important. Since you are an unknown third party, it is very likely that they will simply throw your mail in the trash, without bothering to check it. A good subject line invites them to read.

Use a formal tone. Use a businesslike, businesslike tone in all email. It’s okay to be polite and friendly, but keep it to a minimum and avoid trying to be witty.

Use standard capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Follow standard grammar conventions, spell checking, punctuation, and other components. Please run it through writing software to make sure it is correct before submitting.

Be direct. Get to your point as soon as you can. Remember, your recipients do not know you. Unless you are giving them something interesting up front, there is no incentive for them to keep reading.

Write short, clear paragraphs. Make sure your paragraphs are short and clear. Nothing makes people want to close an email faster than a lot of text from someone they don’t know. Make it easy to read and you will increase your chances of being read.

More importantly, observe formality when sending a business email instead of the usual, like sending a friendly letter. Have it checked for grammar and spelling errors.

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