Why Does it Cost Money to Renew Driving License in UAE Online?

Money to Renew Driving License in UAE Online

It is possible to renew your UAE driving license online, but the renewal process can be costly. The process can cost as much as Dh500 if your license is over 10 years old. The RTA website lists the costs of renewing a driver’s license for UAE residents and foreign nationals.

For applicants younger than 21 years old, the cost to renew a driving license in Dubai is AED 100. This is inclusive of the AED 20 knowledge and innovation fee. For people older than 21 years, the fee to renew a driving license in Dubai is AED 300. Moreover, late renewal fees of up to AED 500 apply if your license is not renewed on time.

There are three options for renewing your license: visiting an RTA customer happiness center, going online, or hiring a courier. The entire process can take between 5 minutes and 350-650 dirhams. For those who would rather save time, there are also a number of online services that offer the same services for a much lower price.

How To Renew Your Driving license In UAE

The first step in renewing a UAE driving license involves taking an eye test. It is a mandatory requirement in the country. The results of the test are valid for three years. However, it is possible to obtain a license without an eye test if you have been driving in the country for two years.

Why Does it Cost Money to Renew Driving License in UAE Online?

Renewing your license is a simple process in the UAE. The Roads and Transport Authority has introduced a new online option for renewing driving licenses. The procedure is relatively simple and you only need to enter your Emirates ID number and click a button. Remember, it is important to renew your license on time as failure can lead to penalties and fines.

renew driving license in the UAE

The process of renewing your driving license is not difficult, but it does cost money. Generally, it takes anywhere from three to five working days to complete the process. If you are older than twenty-one, you can even renew it one month before your expiry date. However, you must make sure that the driving licence you are renewing is valid. You can also renew your licence at a customer happiness center.

driving license renewal in the UAE

When renewing your driving license in the UAE, you can renew it online or visit an office. To ensure your license remains valid, you must pass a driving test and complete mandatory traffic rules. Additionally, you must clear any pending fines before the renewal process can begin. This can cost up to 300 Dirhams.

You can renew your driving license in the UAE six months before it expires. Make sure to renew it in person and include a new photograph. Upon completion, you’ll be sent an email containing an application form and a renewal notice. Be sure to submit both the renewal notice and your driving license to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

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